The Toddler Pillow & Case

labeled toddler pillow and case wide

This is such a fun, quick sew. Perfect for beginners. The pattern includes the instructions to make a toddler sized pillowcase and toddler sized pillow. The pillow is also perfect for travel. Keep one in the car or carry it on a plane.

pink and blue

Finished size:
Pillow: 11 1/2″w x 7 1/2″t
Pillowcase: 14 1/2″w x 9 1/2″t

black and white

Materials needed:
1/2 yard for main fabric
1 fat quarter for accent fabric
1 fat quarter of white fabric for pillow
poly-fil to stuff pillow


This pattern includes all of the instructions to make the pillow & case. The steps are illustrated with photos. Find the pattern here.

5 thoughts on “The Toddler Pillow & Case

  1. Susan McLaughlin says:

    i have a cotton jersey print with grandaughter’s name on it….I need to use it, but for contrasting edge, should i choose another jersey print? i know it won’t lie as nicely, but it’s what i have to use….
    thank you

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi, Susan! I think the jersey for the contrast would look nice. Maybe topstitching along the seam will help it be smoother.

  3. skm818 says:

    I did just that and I wish I had a picture of it! I’m going to try and repeat the process with leftover fabric as I now have time on my hands between making masks!! Thank you for the lovely idea, my granddaughter loved the first one to pieces!

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