Hmm…4 years

Boy, that went fast! Things are humming along here, like usual. We’re just a little older. Since I wrote last, we’ve had a few first days of high school and a couple of graduations. Girls went to college, girls came home. We’ve had proms, musicals, concerts, awards ceremonies, and birthdays. I thought having little kids was a busy time and that when they were teens it would all be easier. Hmm. It’s different busy and different hard, but totally wonderful and I’ve loved every minute of it. I love watching my girls grow, becoming who they are to be, learning about their gifts and learning how to use them. I’m definitely a proud mama!

All this time, I have still been sewing. I’ve still been creating and selling sewing patterns. The shop is still open. I have a couple of new patterns in the shop and several in the works. I’m cleaning up the blog and giving it a fresh face. Keep watching. I might even write another blog post before the next 4 years is up. 🙂


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