Do you know my Granny?

  Well, you should know my Granny. Her name was Geneva Nezelene Day, but she went by Nez. Granny was a generous, fiesty woman who loved to feed people, listen to Bluegrass Gospel, and to quilt. She was not afraid to create and she used what she had. She was humble, loving, and I miss her. … Continue reading Do you know my Granny?


Fun update for ya!

Under the advisement of my 10 year old daughter, I have made a change to one of my earlier patterns, The Mini Messenger. I created this bag for my girls to use on a family vacation that we took several years ago. I wasn't really interested in carrying their spending money with me the entire … Continue reading Fun update for ya!

Free Pattern Friday – Flag on the Fly – a super easy bunting

Today's free pattern is the Flag on the Fly pattern. This is such a simple quick sew, you'll whip it out in no time and is a great way to use up scraps. Enjoy! **Note – I have uploaded a PDF of this pattern just in case you prefer to print the pattern out or … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Flag on the Fly – a super easy bunting

101 Monday and Love

You know how sometimes two people just need each other? They feel void without the other, ache for one another. My valentine and I are like that. I am not complete without him. We are dependent upon one another. We go together. What's the point? Well, our 101 Monday for this week is a part … Continue reading 101 Monday and Love

Free Pattern Friday – the Love edition

  Welcome to the first edition of the Schoolhouse Patterns Free Pattern Friday. Now, as I said previously, this will most likely not be a weekly occurrence.  Not because I don't have a tank full of patterns to share with you, but because of lots of other reasons. Family. Dishes. Homeschooling. Laundry. Dates with my husband. … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – the Love edition

If you build it…

they will come, right? Hmmm. Like my new Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. Obligatory photo to follow this sentence. Enjoy. Grandpa, sister, Granny and myself. Orlando, FL. 1978ish. Funny, my hair looks like that again.