The Dotty Stocking

The holidays are here. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with family, ate a lot, shopped a little and generally enjoyed the restful weekend.  We even had time to get out the Christmas decorations. 

christmas tree

When we moved this fall, we decided to leave our nine foot Christmas tree with the new buyers. The house had a twenty foot ceiling in the living room and our new house only has eight foot ceilings. So, we needed a new tree. The girls convinced us that we needed to get a real tree this year, so that’s what we did. We loaded up the family and trekked over to the nearest Lowes and picked out a bargain. Not very romantic, but it’s a great tree. It’s covered in store bought and hand made ornaments. The tree skirt was made by my grandma and the stockings were made for us by my mom. Holidays and hand made seem to go together, don’t they? I have something for you to help make your holidays hand made.

The Dotty Stocking by Schoolhouse Patterns. I wrote it for and published it previously under my former name, Pattern Patti. But, here it is edited and restyled for you.

dotty stocking graphic

The stocking is lined and has a cuff that folds down. It also has a pattern and instructions for appliqued circles.

full 2 with logo

You can find the PDF here.

dottie stocking

I would love to see pictures of the stockings that you make. Feel free to post on the Schoolhouse Patterns facebook page.

Be sure to check out my Etsy shop for more hand made holiday ideas.

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Free Pattern Friday – The Toddler Pillow & Case

toddler pillow & case

Spring break starts today around here. One of my daughters is headed off to Florida with a friend. We’re all a little jealous. It must be nice to have friends that will take you to lovely, warm destinations. It’s still so cold here. I think I need a couple of new friends. Friends that like to whisk people off to warm places.

The Toddler Pillow and Case is the latest addition to the Free Pattern category. The pattern was previously available in the Etsy Shop. Now, you can find it here.

This pattern is such a quick sew. I’m not kidding. If you make one, you’ll be hooked. They’re the perfect size for your little one to carry around and for travel. Keep on in the car for long trips, like my daughter’s, or put one in your carry on for you next flight.

The PDF includes instructions for make the pillowcase AND the pillow. No running around looking for just the right pillow to fit the case.

You can find the pattern here.

Now that I think of it, I bet my daughter would like to have one of these pillows for the drive. Her lovely friend might too.

I would love to see the pillows you make. Feel free to post pics on my Facebook page. Click, like, post.

Free Pattern Friday – Flag on the Fly – a super easy bunting

Today’s free pattern is the Flag on the Fly pattern. This is such a simple quick sew, you’ll whip it out in no time and is a great way to use up scraps. Enjoy!

on shelf watermark

**Note – I have uploaded a PDF of this pattern just in case you prefer to print the pattern out or save it to your computer. You can find the PDF here.**

What you need:

The Flag on the Fly pattern sheet

Scraps of fabric

A needle and some thicker twine

Getting started:

  1. Print the Flag on the Fly pattern sheet, found here.                                                                                                                                                           pattern sheet watermark shp
  2. Cut out the size flag you want to use. I used the smaller flag for this tutorial.                                                                                         pattern cut watermark
  3. Cut 2 pieces of fabric for each flag that you make. My pennant banner included 7 flags so I cut 14 flag pieces. One for each front and one for each back. flag on fabric watermark
  4. Make sure all of your pieces are pressed neatly. If you are going to applique on the flags, do it now.                                            cut watermark shp
  5. Place 2 flag pieces together, wrong sides together.
  6. Stitch the pieces together using a ¼” seam allowance.                                                                                                                                     stitch around watermark
  7. Fold the top edge of the flag down on the back side of the flag, revealing a nice clean point on the upper edge.                                 top folded pressed down watermark
  8. Stitch the folded top down using a 3/8” seam allowance.

stitch flag down watermark

Repeat steps 5-8 with the rest of your flag pieces.

Once all of your flag pieces are stitched, folded, and fold stitched down, thread your needle with the twine and slide it through the folds on the flags. needle thread through watermark

That’s it. Decide where to hang it. Use tape, nails, thumb tacks or whatever works for you.

on quilt cabinet watermark


Hey, I’d love to see the flags you make. Feel free to post pics on my facebook page.

Happy sewing! See you again soon.



Free Pattern Friday – the Love edition

love u wall logo


Welcome to the first edition of the Schoolhouse Patterns Free Pattern Friday. Now, as I said previously, this will most likely not be a weekly occurrence.  Not because I don’t have a tank full of patterns to share with you, but because of lots of other reasons. Family. Dishes. Homeschooling. Laundry. Dates with my husband. Enough of the chit chat. Brass Tax.

u r loved wall logo


Today’s free pattern is this adorable little tote bag. When finished, it measure 9″x9″, perfect for a little one to carry around or for me to carry around a bag of chocolate kisses. Either way, it’s just the right size.


hugs wall logo


You have 6 days to prepare for Valentine’s Day. That’s plenty of time to do some Valentine’s sewing for some sweet ones in your life.

xoxo wall logo


But wait, there’s more. I’m also including the letters and hearts  in a PDF for helping with your love letter on a tote bag. New to applique? This post will tell you what to do. You’ll do great! How exciting!!

hearts wall logo


This is a quick sew with minimal materials required. You probably already have everything you need.

be mine wall logo


Well loves, you can find The Mini Tote pattern here and the Valentine’s PDF here. There are enough letters to make all of the tote bags you see here.

I would love to see the bags you make. Feel free to post pics on my Facebook page. Click, like, post.

With love, Cindy