c profile picHi all! My name is Cindy Wright. I am the owner, designer, and everything else for Schoolhouse Patterns. Schoolhouse Patterns is a sewing pattern design company dedicated to creating sewing patterns that make pretty, simple, and useful items. I love to sew and love it best when I make something that fills a need. I’m usually not interested in making things that take days (probably why I don’t quilt more), but like a quick project. I want my patterns to fit that description as well. You can find my patterns in my Etsy Shop!

So, a little about me and the family. I’m the wife to Jeremy, my best friend, my love and  mom to 4 teenage girls. The girls are actors, writers, ballerinas and musicians. None of them play sports. Some sew. Some draw. We all love music, movies, playing games and our family. Jeremy is a fabulous husband, great dad, youth pastor, and drummer. He doesn’t sew. I keep threatening to teach him. Sometimes a girl could use a little help.

Well, I hope you find something you like. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Have a great day,


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi Cindy, I had no idea you had released two of the patterns I tested for you. The Principal and The Geneva. I was just checking your shop and found them. Will it be okay to blog about the patterns now that you have released the patterns?

    • Cindy says:

      Lucy, you can definitely post about them now. Feel free to link up your post on my facebook page. facebook.com/schoolhousepatterns.

  2. Danny Stevens says:

    Hello – I ran across your website looking for a seamstress and I live in Brownsburg. You may or may not do this but I have some canvas from a VW Bus that is missing its screen and I didnt know if thats something you do. I have the canvas off the bus at this time. Its the canvas from the pop-up camping portion and its in good shape its just the screen has rotted away. thoughts? Sorry to bother you if not. I was going to leave my number but decided not to online like this.


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