101 Monday and Love

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You know how sometimes two people just need each other? They feel void without the other, ache for one another. My valentine and I are like that. I am not complete without him. We are dependent upon one another. We go together.

What’s the point? Well, our 101 Monday for this week is a part of a couple. It is not complete without this week’s Free Pattern Friday. They need one another. So, what’s a girl to do? I can’t separate them. That would be cruel. I have no choice but to give you both today.

standing wm

Let’s start with the free pattern.

You know how jeans look after a while? Holey knees. Frayed hem. It’s inevitable, especially when the jeans belong to your children. I always hated to throw those jeans away. Well, today’s Free Pattern Friday (even though its Monday) will keep them alive. Worn jeans will be transformed into one fabulous doll skirt that your little one’s will love. Once finished, the skirt will fit an 18″ doll like the American Girl dolls.

This is so simple. You are going to cut the end of a jeans leg and turn it into a skirt. All you need is 1 pair of jeans and a 9” long piece of ¼” wide elastic.

This is not just limited to upcycling from jeans. Why not use the sleeve of a t-shirt for a more athletic look.

tshirt sleeve wm

You can find the PDF full of instructions and color photos illustrating the steps here.

applique wm

Once you have a skirt, you can make it fabulous. Add some applique. I have a 101 Monday tutorial for applique here.

ruffle wm

What about today’s 101, you say? Ruffles. Add a ruffle to your skirt. How sweet. I’ve written a tutorial for you and you can find the PDF here.

I hope you don’t mind all of the clicking. It’s a lot of info for one post.

I would love to see your skirts and ruffles. You can post them on my facebook page.

Until next time…


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