101 Monday – Applique

Well folks, it’s Monday. Today’s 101 explains two ways to applique: one is all machine and the other has a little machine work and a little handwork.


[ap-li-key]  noun,   verb, ap·pli·quéd, ap·pli·qué·ing.

noun 1. ornamentation, as a cutout design, that is sewn on to or otherwise applied to a piece of material.


Let’s start with the all machine applique.


You need the fabric you are applying the applique to, the fabric you are using for the applique shape, some fusible web, and the shape outline. I’m using a heart. Go ahead and cut the shape out of the applique fabric and the fusible web.


Place your fusible web on the ironing table, glue side up. The glue will be shiny.

DSC_0688    DSC_0689

Place your applique heart on top of the fusible web with the right side up. Fuse them together by pressing.


After the heart cools a little, peel the paper off, leaving the glue on the heart.

DSC_0693    DSC_0695

Place the heart on the fabric where you want it. Fuse in onto the fabric by pressing it into place. Stitch around the perimeter of the heart, on the heart, close to the edge. I used a straight stitch for this but you could use a zig-zag, blanket stitch or any other decorative stitch. That’s it. Congrats! You can machine applique now!

So, how about another way.


Here’s what you need. Choose the fabric you are going to applique on, the shape you’ll applique and 2 pieces of fabric larger than the applique shape. These will be for the applique.

DSC_0684   DSC_0696

Place the heart on the wrong side of one piece of the applique fabric. Trace around the shape. Place the two applique sheets together, right sides together. Pin together and stitch along the heart you traced.

DSC_0698    DSC_0701

Now you have 2 pieces of fabric sewn together. Pinch one of the pieces of fabric and pull it away from the other piece. Now, snip a one inch cut in that top fabric careful not to cut the other piece.

DSC_0702    DSC_0703

Trim around the heart. Be careful not to clip any threads. Trim fairly close to the point on the bottom and snip close to the top point.

DSC_0704    DSC_0705

Now, turn the heart right side out by pulling it through the opening. Use a pencil eraser or the blunt end of a paint brush and push out all of the points and corners.

DSC_0707 DSC_0708

After you push out all of the points and corners, press it. Then, pin it to the fabric that you will apply it too.

DSC_0710 DSC_0709

Here’s the last part. Stitch the heart to the fabric by hand. I started with my needle on the under side of the fabric and pushed it through the seam in the heart. Send your needle back through the seam to the bottom. Continue sewing around the heart using a simple stitch and making sure to keep the heart straight. That’s all.

pumpkin wall    dottie stocking

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Applique 101. Now take your skills and fancy up your projects. Above are a couple of projects where I used applique. I used the hand applique method on the pumpkin and the machine applique method on the stocking.

Ok. Classs dismissed.


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