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On January 1, 2013, Schoolhouse Patterns was born. Schoolhouse Patterns is a sewing pattern design company dedicated to creating sewing patterns that make pretty, simple, and useful items. You might see some things that look familiar. If so, that’s because they’ve been around before. Schoolhouse Patterns (SHP) used to be Pattern Patti. I’ve carried several of Pattern Patti’s patterns over to SHP. I’ve kept some the same patterns. I’ve added different sizes to some patterns. I’ve combined some patterns. I’ve retired some patterns.  I’ve written new patterns and I’m writing more.

Why the name change? Well, Pattern Patti started out as an Etsy retailer and evolved into a pattern designing company that sells out there in the world as well as online. For some time, I have felt that the name Pattern Patti didn’t really represent what I want my pattern company to be. I want to encourage new sewers and teach some basic skills with sewing patterns for cool stuff. The new name captures that vibe much better.

white and black

So, I’m pleased to introduce you to Schoolhouse Patterns. Sewing is Always in Session. There is a new Facebook page, a new Twitter account,  and the Etsy shop has had a makeover. Please check them out and like and follow to your heart’s content.

There is also a new mailing list for Schoolhouse Pattern News. You can sign up here. Please sign up so I can keep you in the know.

So, what can you expect at SHP? I’m planning many things. There will be 101 Mondays. On occasional Mondays, I’m not going to commit to every Monday, there will be posts about some sewing skills or techniques that I have learned and found useful over the years. There will be Free Pattern Fridays.  On occasional Fridays, again, I’m not committing, there will be posts that introduce free patterns from SHP. In between those days, there might be pictures of new projects, food, kids, your creations, introductions to existing patterns and who knows what else.

Thanks for stopping by. Please come again.


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